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Through a telescopeMars typically appears amber or salmon-pink in color. Consequently, ephemerides for minor planets are not normally calculated a long time in advance because this could result in significant positional errors. Space Launch Calendar Night Sky. Once up, however, Saturn gains altitude very slowly due to its southern declination. Mar 7, Opp: InMars made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60, years!

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By mid-August, Mars will become fainter as Mars and Earth travel farther away from each other in their orbits around the Sun.

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Mars in our Night Sky

His observations were supported by other astronomers, the most notable being Percival Lowell founder of Flagstaff Observatory in Arizona but the idea was rejected by numerous others, who were unable to see the features that Schiaparelli had claimed to see. Jupiter's four brightest moons were first seen telescopically by Galileo in ; for this reason they are often referred to as the 'Galilean satellites' or simply the 'Galileans'. Mars Close Approaches. All of these factors mean that not all close encounters are equal. Mar 13, Opp:

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